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Virtual Online University, Inc. is a non-profit corporation offering a novel and effective approach to academic excellence, professional development and life-long learning. Combining the latest advances in computer mediated communication with the most recent research in learning theory, we've developed a Virtual Educational Environment (VEE) that significantly extends the effectiveness of both learners and instructors. Where the conventional distance education program leave you isolated, our electronic campus allows you to collaborate, debate, and interact with fellow students and instructors via a distinctly new model for distance education.

VOU, Inc. is a member school of GNA where Dr. William Painter, Executive Director of VOU, is on the Board of Directors. Learn more about our dedicated faculty and staff by visiting their home pages.

VOU sponsors educational endeavors encompassing secondary and post-secondary education. Athena University is a classically-oriented institution of higher learning offering university classes on the internet.

We are also happy to announce the establishment of the Athena Preparatory Academy to provide resources to enhance the capabilities of conventional primary education and the home schooler.

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